You do the bookings and we'll take care of all your other property service needs!

We offer complete property services for Vacation Rental owners and Property Managers/Booking Agents. Our services were developed and catered to Vacation Rental owners and Property Managers/Booking Agents that do their own bookings.Our services include Maid services, Hot tub services and Window cleaning. These 3 services are our main core services but we offer other services. Our main core services can be used on an as needed basis at anytime or used through our membership option.

Click here on the following links to learn more about our individual core services - Window CleaningPool & Spa services and Maid services.

We are not a booking service; we concentrate only on servicing the needs of your property and your guests and sending you referrals. This leaves you with the freedom to book your own guests and still benefit from our comprehensive services.

You can use our services individually or you can choose to take advantage our Membership program.

Membership Information
90% of our clients have chosen to take advantage of our unique membership. The Membership is completely FREE and its only qualifications are that you use at least 2 of our core main services and that your property meets our qualification as far as accommodations.

Advantages of our Membership 
By becoming a member you will receive the following services COMPLIMENTARY – (all of the below services are guaranteed to be provided to our members but are ultimately optional and the our members can pick and choose which ones they want to take advantage of)

Booking Referrals/Advertising – As a valued member your property will be listed for No charge on As a member your vacation rental will also become a featured lodging partner of Le Tours - We are able to attract guest to your site through our chamber members under lodging services, doing pay per click campaigns and other strategic marketing, through our other websites such as and All of our sites receive approximately 10,000 hits per month and your property will be exposed to all these visitors.

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Pool/Spa Services
Window Cleaning
Guest Concierge Services
Guest Concierge Service – While your guests are staying in your lodging they will enjoy first class treatment through our concierge program. They will have anything they need, such as grocery delivery, activity reservations, dinner reservations and more, right at their fingertips. This is one of the services that will set you apart. Through our partnerships we are also able to offer unique services like on-site messages, grocery delivery, personal chef and catering. Click Here to view a sample of the display we provide to be place in you vacation rental.

Guest Shuttling – Because we are part owners of Leavenworth Shuttle & Taxi we are able to offer your guest discounted priority shuttling. This service will make a world of difference to your guests as they will no longer have to worry about finding a parking space downtown. You will be able to offer your guests the type of transportation opportunities that takes away the need stay right in town.

Wine Tours – Because we are part owners of Le Tours (Limousine Wine Tours) we are able to offer your guest exclusive front door pick up service and discounted wine tours. The wine tours start at only $50.00 per person for our member’s guest.

Monthly Property Report – We provide you with a detailed report listing the dates we provided services for your property. The report will also provide information on the property such as if something is found broke or is missing, ect… We only provide property reports for members using both our Maid services and our Hot Tub services.

You can learn more about our services by giving us a call and we would be more than happy to explain more about our membership and services - (509) 293-9587